Hello Walison,

Good evening.

Sophos Labs has reviewed your sample and updated / created new detections.

File states:

Annex N 785989868.rar => archive
path-ranger-33.php => identity associated (New detection: Troj / PHPMailr-E)
Invoice in Attachment N [5635487 ~ .rar => archive
Invoice N 87587595.lnk => identity associated (Updated detection: GPK / DownLnk-D)
Annex_Flex-Condor.zip => archive
Annex Flex Condor.lnk => identity associated (Updated detection: GPK / DownLnk-D)
DOC Annex – 37653756 76547 ~ .rar => archive
Process N_ 000003-0086487.rar => archive
ANNEX Progress of the Process ~ .lnk => identity associated (Updated detection: GPK / DownLnk-D)
DOCX_AnexoN785989868 (1) .rar => archive
DOCX_AnexoN785989868.lnk => identity associated (Updated detection: GPK / DownLnk-D)
DOCX_AnexoN785989868.jar => identity associated (New detection: Troj / JavaDl-AAL)
asvezesmuitomais.class => not detect-worthy
Bilabong.class => not detect-worthy
Pre-paid ticket => not detected-worthy
gooddiabrasil.class => not detect-worthy
coletivoss.class => not detect-worthy
completes.class => not detect-worthy
couto.class => not detect-worthy
danoite.class => not detect-worthy
Dia22.class => not detect-worthy
ditandos.class => not detect-worthy
Sunday.class => not detect-worthy
easy.class => not detect-worthy
fiz.class => not detect-worthy
Flexsfitness.class => not detect-worthy
fnicn.class => not detect-worthy
fortivela.class => not detect-worthy
INteravita.class => not detect-worthy
MANIFEST.MF => not detect-worthy
metalos.class => not detect-worthy
mileoito.class => not detect-worthy
nicolas.class => not detect-worthy
accurate.class => not detect-worthy
quadrsss.class => not detect-worthy
tresanos.class => not detect-worthy
vemais.class => not detect-worthy
VideoShow.class => not detect-worthy
Violaocelo.class => not detect-worthy
vitim.class => not detect-worthy
Vitin.class => not detect-worthy
ZecaGrow.class => not detect-worthy
DOCX_AnexoN785989868.rar => archive
DOCX_Anexo_N_785989868.lnk => detected as Mal / DownLnk-D (all product versions)
INTIMACAO.zip => archive
Intimacao.lnk => identity associated (Updated detection: GPK / DownLnk-D)
FederalProcess-ID14092017.zip => archive
ProcessFederal-ID14092017.exe => identity associated (New detection: Troj / Agent-AXEP)

In a couple of hours, please update your Sophos Update Managers then update the affected workstations. Once updated, run a full system scan on the affected machines as required.

This ticket will now be closed.


Juancho Paolo Mark Santos
Sophos Technical Support

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Sophos Community (discussion forums): https://community.sophos.com

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